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A few moments after I posted Perl Web Pages and Search Engines, someone at Big Blue Marble said "You should explain what you've done technically."

I run a few sites, including this one. I've worked on the technology behind a few others. We've been working on a short article called SEO Tips (in Ten Minutes) to explain a few easy techniques to help web crawlers find out exactly what a web page is about and to display it to the people who could most benefit from it.

It's still a work in progress at the moment, but I've used it those techniques on several BBM projects so far, including Trendshare and its investment guide for novice investors, as well as Modern Perl Whitepapers, and even the nascent family recipe site Blender Recipe Reviews.

I know tracks the performance of Perl advocacy campaigns now. If you have a blog or website or articles about the Perl programming language, maybe some of these tips will help you get more and better traffic, help crowd old tutorials and outdated out of the top search results, and improve the visibility of our favorite programming language.

Imagine, for example, if every one of the generated pages of had the phrase "the Perl programming language" in it and relevant meta description tags....

1 Comment

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