Modern Perl 2011-2012 PDFs Available!

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Update: ePub and Mobi files are available, and you can read Modern Perl: The Book online now!

We've just put letter and A4 sized PDFs of Modern Perl: the Book online. This is the new edition, updated for 5.14 and 2011-2012.

As usual, these electronic versions are free to download. Please do. Please share them with friends, family, colleagues, coworkers, and interested people.

Of course we're always thrilled if you buy a printed copy of Modern Perl: the book. Yet even if you don't, please share a copy with your friends, tell other people about it, and (especially) post kind reviews far and wide.

We'd love to see reviews on places like Slashdot, LWN, any bookseller, and any other popular tech site.

We're working on other forms, like ePub and Kindle. That's been the delay (along with personal business); the previous edition's Kindle formatting didn't have the quality we wanted, so we're doing it ourselves to get things right. I hope to have those available in the next couple of weeks, but that depends on how much more debugging we have to do.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

1 Comment

Thank you for this book.

I missed Dave Cross's Modern Perl @ the LPW last year and I am hoping either this contains similar material or DC is taking a leaf out of your book.

Modern Perl: The Book

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