Interested in "The Year in Perl"?

A lot can happen in a year. Think back to 2005 and what we had and didn't have in Perl compared to now.

In previous jobs, I collected "The Year In Perl" a couple of times for This required a significant investment of time over a couple of days for the research and writing. these days is easier to update and to manage (though me carving out editing time is more difficult). What interest exists in putting together a document about the interesting developments in the Perl world in 2011?

In particular, we can concentrate on:

  • Community Events (especially significant developments such as the first or second occurrence of an event)
  • Important releases (5.14 counts, as well as big new improvements of existing projects)
  • Plans and announcements (Jesse Vincent's "Perl 5.16 and Beyond" stake in the ground, for example)
  • Products (development products, books, et cetera)

I have a small list on my own and will refine it if there's further interest. Feel free to reply here as a comment or contact me (chromatic at cpan dot org) as you prefer.

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