Summer 2011 Conference Talks

I'm speaking at two conferences this summer.

The Open Source Bridge conference takes place in downtown Portland, Oregon on 21 June through 24 June. This is a great mixture of real free software and open source projects with a particular focus on the community and small business aspects of organization and collaboration. My Modern Perl Made Painless shows off some of the most important libraries and extensions in the Perl 5 world of 2011 to help you accomplish more with less work and greater confidence.

YAPC::NA 2011 runs from 27 June through 01 July in Asheville, North Carolina (with hackathons and training classes the final two days). YAPCs are all homegrown, Perl-specific conferences. If I could attend only one conference, it would be a YAPC. This is the best place to meet and work with (some of) the world's best Perl programmers, documentors, implementors, and enthusiasts. My Modern Advocacy for Modern Perl reflects on two years of people talking about Perl's renaissance, the enlightenment of Perl programmers, and how a program written to take advantage of the modern releases of Perl 5 should behave. With all of the wonderful things in the Perl world right now, how can we convince our friends, colleagues, and clients that Perl is a great choice?

I'm working on a couple of contracts right now and hope to announce a new crop of books by then. (I may also bring a box of Modern Perl: the book at a special conference price if there's interest.) Even if you don't care about any of that, if Portland or Asheville are within easy travel distance of you, I encourage you to consider either or both conference as a great training and social experience.

Modern Perl: The Book

cover image for Modern Perl: the book

The best Perl Programmers read Modern Perl: The Book.

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