Pains of the Past, Begone!

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Still not convinced that Moose cuts the Gordian knot that tied the Perl 5 world up in spaghetti knots for so many years? Review some of the discussions of Perl 5 OO in the pre-Moose world, especially after Apocalypse 12 came out and shone a light on the path out of darkness.

I amused myself far too much by reading A Class:: module I don't want to write and Can I please have *simple* modules?, for example.

My rule is simple: Moose has made me forget many, many little problems that I used to have in the same way that Perl has made me forget many, many little problems that I used to have. (I'd even forgotten I'd written an article called "Seven Sins of Perl OO" five years ago. With Moose, only one of those sins is still a problem.)

1 Comment

Moose needs a book like your "Modern Perl" one. A buyable one and a living ebook one to change with Moose. I think that would be awesome!

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