Translations of Modern Perl: The Book

Every few weeks, someone asks me about the status of translations of Modern Perl: the book into languages other than English. Our official stance (publisher, editor, and author) is:

Please translate this book into your native language!

We ask three things. First, please coordinate with other native speakers, as far as that is possible. (If I need to add a page to the Onyx Neon book site to organize this, I will.) Second, please only add to the existing credits (you are very welcome to add yourselves). Third, please include a link to the existing book site in English.

Beyond that, we are very happy to increase the amount of good Perl documentation and tutorial material available to every programmer and potential programmer, regardless of native language.

Modern Perl: The Book

cover image for Modern Perl: the book

The best Perl Programmers read Modern Perl: The Book.

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