Promote Perl by Building Great Things

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Create something beautiful or amazing or useful or wonderful with Perl. You can create something for other programmers (Perl::Critic is one example), but you'll get better reception if you build something that non-programmers can appreciate.

For example, Onyx Neon's publishing process relies on a lot of Perl to produce our books. We use a lot of free software to make camera-ready copy to send to the printer. The average person who picks up one of our novels in the bookstore might never realize this, but it's a business advantage for us and an ethical thing.

The flexibility and power of Perl and the CPAN have only helped our workflow. (We even have Perl 6 code in a couple of places.) Perhaps we could publish great books without Perl, but using Perl helps us do our work on time and on budget with great results.

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Does your website announce this fact anywhere? I agree building things is a good way to show off Perl, but surely only if there are visible "built with ... " announcements somewhere.

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