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With Modern Perl available (ePub version coming soon) and my attention back on Using Perl 6, it's time to plan for the next wave of Perl books. Here's what I want:

  • Modern Perl and the CPAN. The title needs work, but think of it as the successor to Modern Perl. Where I didn't cover all of the great CPAN modules that real programs written by great Perl 5 programmers use all the time, this book has room for them.
  • Modern Perl OO with Moose. I've reached for where this book should be on my shelf far too often lately. You know you want this too. I have just the authors in mind too.
  • DBIx::Class. It's time.
  • Modern Perl Web Development with Plack. This book could be short, very short, but no less useful for its size. It almost writes itself, given a good outline.
  • wxPerl, because I've never made sense of the C++ documentation.Game Programming with SDL and Perl. Here's a long shot, but Kartik and company have done far more with SDL_Perl than I ever have, making multimedia development far more convenient and far prettier than ever before.
  • Building Little Languages on Parrot with NQP, because NQP needs documentation and Parrot's world domination plan requires it.

I have ISBNs at the ready and contracts to send. I believe I have audiences. (Please confirm!) Now I need authors.

That's my list. What's yours?


I'd really like to see the first four books all written. I'd buy all of them.

I'd be interested in reading every one of those books (with the possible exception of wxPerl). Bring it on!

*grins* re second book.
A draft outline for exactly that is sitting in my Moleskine at present. Unless someone else beats me to it

Mike (Penfold)

Thank you for the modern Perl book.

Modern Perl OO with Moose.
Perl and GTK

Perl FlowCharting.

The flow charting page is the most popular page on that stupid Wiki. There's a lot that could be done with the idea. I do find myself often visualizing things.

I'd love to work on the SDL book too. I started down a similar road but I've been working too much lately.

I would most likely buy the paper version of the first 3 and the 5th, and even the 4th if I get around reading the Catalyst book I bought recently.

You can run an 's/most likely/certainly/' (for the paper versions) if they provide a free electronic copy like Modern Perl does.

What I would like to add to the the list? A more general programming book based on Modern Perl somethink like "Learning/Using algorithms with Perl", "Design Patterns" or something similar. The lastest Perl effort feel pretty ancient:

If they already existed, I would have used each of the first four books for at least one "mission-critical" project within the past 12 months.

Hi Chromatic,

As for the 'Game Programming with SDL and Perl' book it is already in the works. We have a lot of work done, but we need reviewers, editors and whatever else help we can get. Please have a look at . The repository is on . I have exams at the moment but I plan to start working hard on it again starting Dec 21st.


I've been considering something along the lines of the "Modern Perl Development with Plack" book that you mention. In fact, my workshop at the London Perl Workshop on Saturday was at least partly driven by a desire to think the contents through in my head.

one with one of the following titles
Beginning Modern Perl
Learning Modern Perl
Modern Perl by Example
Head First Perl # would really be awesome

All of these are beginner books, when someone wants to learn perl from the beginning they will go to one of these (or maybe another) book, which is full of perl 5.6 or before style perl, they then have to read PBP and/or Modern Perl to unlearn things. We need to get a book that does not include any advice that we don't want first time perl users doing, but that is aimed at someone who is just learning to program (perl). They can learn old syntax later if they need to maintain it, just teach them the stuff we want them to use. unlearning sucks.

oh, and parallel learning by reading 3-4 books at the same time also sucks.

And ++ for "Modern Perl OO with Moose" IMO this should be Object Oriented Perl, except that it uses Moose...

Modern Perl: The Book

cover image for Modern Perl: the book

The best Perl Programmers read Modern Perl: The Book.

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