The Book is Out!


After countless commits, the generosity of dozens of proofreaders, and far too long proofreading the index, Modern Perl: the book is available!

You can buy a lovely print version from any well-stocked online vendor (and you're more than welcome to walk into your favorite neighborhood bookstore and request a special order given the book's ISBN: anyone who can order from Ingram can get the book in stock.) The ISBN-10 is 0-9779201-5-1 and the ISBN-13 is 978-0-9779201-5-0. Either should work.

If you prefer an electronic version, my publisher has agreed to make available both letter- and A4-sized versions of the book suitable for printing or browsing on your favorite device. We're also working on an ePub version. (Getting clickable intertextual links working in ePub was trickier than in PDF, so go figure—but isn't it nice to have clickable links in an index?)

These are free of cost and free of DRM, but not free of obligation. Your duty is to share the book with everyone who needs it. Give away the PDFs (and the ePub) far and wide. Write reviews. Cite it on the beginners mailing list. Seed it on BitTorrent. Host it on your own site.

We ask (but do not require) that if you find the book useful, you consider donating a fair value to help us produce more books of this type.

Ultimately we produced this book because we believe that the world needs more great books about technology, especially modern Perl 5. Please help prove us right.


Congratulations! Hopefully this will be the first of many more to come.

Congratulations! I trust it will do well (and it should).

Do you have the ISBN now? If you suggest people should use it to order the book, posting it would be nice.

I hope your model for distributing the book works. I'm rather curious to see what will happen here.

This is good news on so many levels...

Not often I get deals like this: great content, a straight way to support the technology I care about and its developers/authors, a confirmation that Modern Perl is not a short-lived hype, CC license and a free, printable DRM-free pdf and epub. Wow.

I am very annoyed when the digital versions cost the same (or more!) than the paperback and slightly annoyed at combo deals (postage ruins it as often sent from the USA). I really hope this distributing model you are trying out works for you and your publisher.

Order placed.


Great news and thanks for your hard work! May I ask why there is now Kindle (mobi) version? Or can I have the chance to transform it to mobi (I need the source for this)?

First of all, congratulations and good luck! I enjoyed reading the book, and while it did not teach me a lot new, I found it to be accurate and comprehensive. Now a question: will the licence of the book remain CC-by-nc-nd or will it be relicensed under a less restrictive license later on (as I believe were your intentions)?

I'd like to put it on the Perl Beginners Site, but since we've been toying with the idea of creating a Debian package for the Perl-Begin web-site, it may not be acceptable to the Debian policies.

Regards, -- Shlomi Fish.

I'll relax the license on the source code of the book on Github; will that be useful to you?

We have an ePub version in progress, and we'd be happy to provide (or distribute) a Mobi version. The complete source of the book is in the Modern Perl book Github repository.

Congrats. Nice work. What do you think about translations?

A thousand congratulations!

I'm hosting an HTML version since I couldn't find one elsewhere.

If there turns out to be a more official HTML version somewhere, I would be happy to simply redirect to it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me, modernperl at the same domain that's hosting it.

Thank you so much for this fantastic resource, chromatic!

I bought the book from Amazon. I also downloaded the pdf and am reading it now.

Thanks chromatic!

Just bought a copy on Amazon.

Congrats chromatic!

I'm very happy to see translations forked from the Github version; seems like the easiest place. All I ask is a link back to the English version and retention of the existing CREDITS.

I'll relax the license on the source code of the book on Github; will that be useful to you?

Yes, it will, as I can use the sources to generate a similarly licensed HTML (or whatever) copy of the book to put on . If you can do that, I will really appreciate it.

Modern Perl: The Book

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The best Perl Programmers read Modern Perl: The Book.

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