I'm performing the final proofreading of the Modern Perl book today. Its 275 pages of goodness represent a lot of work on my part, but I must give credit to several dozen people who've asked good questions, found typos, suggested rephrasings, told me that my prose reads more like a novel than a dry technical reference, and otherwise helped document one good way to write Perl 5 code in 2010.

I'll keep the Modern Perl Github repository up and open for the lifespan of the book (Perl 5.14 needs good external documentation; I'm looking forward to using the package {} syntax). You can dig around in the CREDITS file there to find the other people who've made the book what it is, but that's not nearly enough thanks.

I can highlight several people such as Yuval Kogman, Chas. Owens, and Alex Scott-Johns who've put far more effort into the book than I could have asked. I can mention the work of harleypig, John McNamara, and Jess Robinson who've made it almost trivial to produce epub files for all of you with electronic readers (and there will be an epub file very soon).

Perhaps the best way for me to thank all contributors sincerely is to say this: anyone named in this list has my most sincere and heartfelt thanks—and my recommendation to employers and clients alike: these people have demonstrated an interest in and an affinity for Perl 5. You would do well to work with them.

Thank you to:

John SJ Anderson, Peter Aronoff, Lee Aylward, Alex Balhatchet, Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason, Matthias Bloch, John Bokma, Vasily Chekalkin, Dmitry Chestnykh, E. Choroba, Paulo Custodio, Felipe, Shlomi Fish, Jeremiah Foster, Mark Fowler, John Gabriele, Andrew Grangaard, Bruce Gray, Ask Bjørn Hansen, Tim Heaney, Robert Hicks, Michael Hind, Mark Hindess, Yary Hluchan, Mike Huffman, Curtis Jewell, Mohammed Arafat Kamaal, James E Keenan, Yuval Kogman, Jan Krynicky, Jeff Lavallee, Moritz Lenz, Jean-Baptiste Mazon, Josh McAdams, Gareth McCaughan, John McNamara, Shawn M Moore, Alex Muntada, Carl Mäsak, Chris Niswander, Nelo Onyiah, Chas. Owens, ww from PerlMonks, Jess Robinson, Gabrielle Roth, Andrew Savige, Lorne Schachter, Dan Scott, Alexander Scott-Johns, Phillip Smith, Christopher E. Stith, Mark A. Stratman, Bryan Summersett, Audrey Tang, Scott Thomson, Sam Vilain, Larry Wall, Colin Wetherbee, Frank Wiegand, Doug Wilson, Sawyer X, David Yingling, Marko Zagozen, harleypig, hbm, and sunnavy.

Any remaining errors in the book are the fault of me and my publisher.

Modern Perl: The Book

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The best Perl Programmers read Modern Perl: The Book.

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